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How To Attract A Lao Girl

How to attract a Lao girl.....that's the big question. Well with my experience with Lao chicks, I have discovered that most of them want a smart and handsome guy. Variety is the key, switch up your hair style, outfits and cologne on a regular basis.

Always wear nice shoes. As guys, we may not notice anyone else's shoes, or care what ours look like. However I can assure you that Lao girls do notice and this can be just the edge that you need.

Wearing cologne can be a turn on to some, but it is not extremely important for most Lao girls. If you always get bad body odour then put some on.

Lao girls are attracted to couragous guys, so never appear to be afraid of anything. If you are a wuss and you can't help it, I suggest avoiding situations that may produce confrontations. For example, if she wants to go to the pool and you can't swim then tell her you'll take her shopping instead.

While at a Lao ceremony, parties or places where Lao people meet, observe what type of clothes other guys that are successful with the ladies are wearing, this will give you a general idea of what to wear. I can't tell you exactly what to wear, because it depends where you are going, but one simple rule to remember is: Dress to impress, always try to over-dress alittle for the occasion. Let me tell you that most Lao girls like guys with money and they always assume that the best dressed guy are the most successful or highest paid.

Develop a slightly arrogant, upright walk. The way you walk greatly reflects on how confident you are, and Lao girls love confidence. Plus always remember to keep your chest out and shoulders back, this will make you appear to be wider and stronger than you actually are.

Always have breath mints or chewing gum on you at all times. If you are talking to a Lao girl and she smells bad breath, this will pretty much ruin your chances of getting a kiss from her.

And one last thing that is important....always smile in Laos. You can literally melt a Lao girls heart with a warm smile.

Well there you have it my friend. If you follow my advice, you will succeed with a Lao girl beyond your wildest dreams.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"

The Dowry (Kah Dong)

In Lao culture, a dowry or "kah dong" in Lao language means a payment in the form of cash or gift that has monetary value to the bride's parents by the groom in exchange to marry their daughter.

A dowry could be a buffalo, some chickens, land, property, jewellery, a certain amount of cash, a combination of cash and jewellery, or anything really because a dowry doesn't necessarily mean cash. I can't tell you what is a reasonable dowry to give to her parents because it depends on the guys financial situation and the agreement between him and his girlfriend's parents before a wedding date is set. Everybody will have different circumstances.

Some parents will keep the dowry that is given to them, while other parents may return some or all of the money back to the guy and their daughter after they are married so they can use it towards buying a new house, car, honeymoon or other purposes.

But once again, this comes down to the agreement between the guy and his girlfriends parents before the wedding day so that once the wedding takes place, there shouldn't be any surprises and everybody will be fully understood what needs to be given (or not given) by the groom to the bride's parents to avoid any disagreements or arguments between families and relatives of both sides on a special day.

Some people who are reading this are probably thinking "the hell with dowry, I'm not going to pay anything for a wife". That's okay because in Lao culture, it is customary but not compulsory to pay a dowry. That's right, you don't have to pay a dowry if you've discussed this with your girlfriend's parents and they agree that the dowry is not required. Her parents may only want the guy to pay for the wedding costs, these days some Lao girls who have money like help her boyfriend pay for the wedding too.

There are many reasons why Lao parents want the dowry. They may want it because their daughter is getting married and leaving them and she won't be around anymore to help with the house chores so the dowry will compensate for their loss. The dowry could be to cover the cost for giving birth and raising their daughter for you, all the love, hard work and sacrifices her parents did to make her the woman she is today. It could be a payment for security in case she became divorced in the future because it will be harder for their daughter to find a new husband since she would become a divorced woman or "ma haang" in Lao language. It could be for the guy to prove to them that he has got enough money to take care and support their daughter, or it could be because they are poor and they need the money, etc.

Personally as a Lao guy, when I get married in the future I may not follow the old custom and pay a dowry to marry a Lao girl unless the requested amount is reasonable and not too greedy. I believe that marrying someone is expanding a family, and not ending a family so her parents should care about the future of their daughter and myself. Lao culture still needs to be respected and as guys, we should pay her parents abit of money to make them happy.

Well I hope you have learnt some things about a dowry, and I wish you all the best if you plan to marry a Lao girl in the future.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"

Laos, The Least Known Country

Sadly, Laos is one of the least known countries in the world. Even though the countries surrounding Laos which is Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Burma (Myanmar) is well known to everyone in the world, there are still many people who have never heard of Laos.

People don't need to be a historian, a geographer, a visitor or an asian studies student to know about our main neighbours in Thailand and Vietnam. So the question is, why don't many people know about Laos?

Okay let me tell you why.

Laos is only a small country in terms of population size with around 6 million people. Vientiane is the capital city of Laos and yet it is struggling to reach 500,000 people, while the population of capital cities in neighbouring countries are in the millions. Laos has been in isolution for many years during the mid 1970's and 1980's.

Since we are a communist country, things are kept low key and as a result news and information remains very limited both inside and outside of Laos, so the country of Laos isn't really that "hot" on the world stage.

Another reason why Laos is not well known is that we don't have many major tourist attractions. But what we do have, very little is done with our advertising and promotional activities about them so people don't hear about Laos and western tourists remains low.

Even alot of dumb Thai people have never heard of Wat Phu and this is an UNESCO world heritage site. It goes to show that our neighbouring countries aren't being taught enough about Laos, also Laos is not doing enough to try and appeal tourists into the country. Laos remains a quiet country with the best preserved history and culture.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"

Beer Bars In Laos

Laos has plenty of girlie bars known as "beer bars" that cater for tourists and local men and entry is free. These sorts of bars have plenty of Lao women to keep you company when you go in for a drink. The girls at beer bars come from the countryside of Laos and their main priority is to work so they can earn enough money to support themselves and their families back home in the countryside.

Girls who work in establishments like these usually act westernised and they are happy to sit and drink with customers. Often flirting, kissing and hugging so that customers will give them money or buy more drinks. The more drinks the better because the girl receives a percentage of the cost of every drink that a customer purchases in the bar.

Working in a beer bar in Laos is one of the lowest form that a girl can do to themselves, but you can't really blame them because they need financial security. You will not find any girls from Vientiane who work in beer bars in Vientiane because city girls are known very well by their friends, relatives and their whole village (suburb). Lao people like to gossip and if a Vientiane girl is seen working in a beer bar, it will not only affect herself but her whole family because people in her village will think of them as bad people with no moral values.

Some Lao bar girls are willing to go to a hotel with their customer so they can spread their legs in order to make extra money. However, most girls will decline to go out because they already make good money inside the bar from drinks and many drinking customers often give them tips because they feel pity for them. The girls like to have fun, party with their friends and meet up with foreigners and businessmen in addition to earning money at the beer bar. Most of the bar girls already have a boyfriend so they will not fall in love with their customer, if they say they love you it's just a lie to milk your money.

A typical Lao guy will not visit establishments like a beer bar. Instead, they go out for a drink or a meal at higher standard places such as riverside restaurants, a pub with live music or they celebrate at home with friends. If you visit a beer bar in Laos, enjoy yourself with the sexy girls, but it's definately not the place to find a typical, educated and beautiful Lao girl with honesty and integrity.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"


Lao Expats May Get Long-Stay Visas

The government is considering allowing people of Lao ethnicity living overseas to extend the length of a visit to Laos beyond the time normally permitted under a tourist visa, according to a senior official from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The move is part of efforts by the government to encourage native Lao who left the country during the Indochina War several decades ago to return home and take part in the development process.

Lao Overseas Relations Department Acting Director General, Mr Phonekham Inthabualy, said the department had completed a draft of the policy, hoping to submit it to government leaders for approval in the near future.

"We hope the Prime Minister will approve the policy early this year".

Mr Phonekham said the policy drafting committee would ask the government to allow Lao expatriates to stay in Laos for up to nine months on a single entry visa so they could enjoy living and doing business in their motherland.

At present, a single entry visa allows tourists to stay in Laos for only 30 days. Visitors who want to stay longer have to exit and re-enter to obtain a new visa.

Mr Phonekham said the committee had also proposed to the government that Lao expatriates have special real estate rights in Laos. But, he said, it was up to the government to decide whether to approve the policy.

Under Lao law, only Lao people can obtain land use rights while foreigners can only lease land.

The Lao National Assembly has approved a newly revised investment promotion law, which allows foreigners who invest US$500,000 in Laos to own land use rights here. The government expects to promulgate the law early this year.

Mr Phonekham said a number of special policies were being considered for Lao expatriates.

The government will make it easier for native Lao of other nationalities to marry a Lao national. At present foreigners who want to marry a Lao national have to obtain a large number of documents.

Lao expatriates engaged in business will be eligible for tax reductions when they invest in or run a business in Laos , he said.

Mr Phonekham said the committee's proposal was in accordance with the recommendations of Lao expatriates so they would find the policy attractive. Many native born Lao want to return to Laos because they feel comfortable here and have parents, aunts and uncles living in Laos.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimates, there are about 600,000 native born Lao living overseas.

Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh made a strong commitment to representatives of Lao expatriates who visited Laos for the 25th SEA Games that the government would consider and approve the policy.

He said the Lao government did not consider history to be the basis of rules for development, adding that native born Lao, wherever they are, should join hands to develop the motherland.

Officials said the government had opened up Laos to the world and now needed the united forces of Lao people all around the world to develop the nation.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"

What Makes A Lao Girl Different

There is no question in my mind that Lao women are the best for marriage and having a long term relationship. Not only are Lao guys living in a foreign country coming to marry a girl in Laos by the hundreds each year, but alot of westerners with Asian preference are now becoming more interested in Lao girls.

The thing that makes a Lao woman stand out from other women of different races is their natural Asian beauty, long silky hair and their sexy, feminine looks and men are attracted to that. Lao women are also amongst the cleanest (least oily) people around.

Lao girls don't need to try and change the way they look to be attractive, they are far more beautiful than other women I've seen. And it's not just about their looks, Lao women tend to be more trustworthy, family-orientated, more traditional and they make a better housewife.

In my opinion Lao women is my preferred choice to have a relationship with because they are definately the most beautiful out of all Asians, and their goodness and kind-hearted nature is above the rest.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"

Why Laos And Thailand Aren't Friends

Laos and Thailand have many similarities such as the culture, the religion and in some ways the language. We share the mighty Mekong River and trade between Laos and Thailand is good, but there is one clear difference and that is one country is communist and the other is a constitutional monarchy.

The relationship between both countries has never been friendly from ordinary people to a political and diplomatic level. Both countries have a history of accusing each other, and it could be issues regarding the mistreatment of Lao workers in Thailand, tensions and frustration with hmong refugees leaving Laos into Thailand, dealing with anti-Lao government rebels based in Thailand, or disputes over territories are just some examples.

There have been instances of Thai celebrities receiving a fine during recent years for making vulgar comments about Lao people.

Laos and Thailand didn't get along according to modern history. The Thais destroyed Vientiane and took everything that had significance to the people of Laos such as manuscripts, the Emerald Buddha (Pha Keo) from Vientiane and the Golden Buddha (Prabang) from Luang Prabang. Thousands of Laotians were brought into Thailand, mostly to Bangkok and used as slaves and King Anouvong was killed. He is considered a traitor to the Thais, and a hero to Laotians.

It should also be noted that Laos lost north eastern Thailand (issan) to Thailand. The population of Laos would be well over 20 million if issan were not part of Thailand today. The past remains in the past, but the Lao slaves and Issan people must be recognised in helping shape Thailand.

Laotians and issan people will always be looked down upon as low-class citizens by many Thais, while Laotians naturally believe that most Thais are deceivers, untrustworthy and sweet talkers.

Laos and Thailand was never close allies in any wars but the relationship is improving and the trade continues to grow anually.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"

Life In Laos Can Be Hard

Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world. Most workers in Laos only earn around $30 to $100 US per month for basic jobs, while those who have a professional job such an accountant and secretary can earn a respectable $200 to $400 US per month. The people who earn a decent amount of income in Laos are workers in high demand such as programmers, these people can earn up to $1,000 US or more per month. Those who work for an international organisation or operate their own business make the most income, obviously it also depends what kind of business it is.

The cost of living in Laos is relatively low so a monthly earning of around $100 US is okay but it is only enough to buy food and basic clothing. Even with a full time job, most people still can't afford to spend on entertainment such as a game of ten pin bowling, overseas holidays or even buying a motorbike. Most people get paid a lump sum once per month with the exception of people who work for themselves such as tuk tuk drivers and street vendors who earn daily cash-in-hand. Therefore people need to spend their money wisely until their next pay in 30 days time.

In Laos, there are no welfare payments for unemployed people like there are in developed countries. Even getting a loan is impossible since banks operating in Laos are more like a business than an actual bank. People in Laos who don't work or aren't selling goods and services often struggle to make ends meet and that's the reason why we have beggars on the streets.

I interviewed a novice buddhist monk recently and he explained to me that he didn't have much option but to become a monk because his family was very poor. Living in the temple is like heaven for him since he is given free meals and education, this is one way to escape poverty for guys. Girls like to work in bars, sell crops, make handicrafts to sell, work in the rice fields or other farm jobs if employment in the city are hard to find.

Alot of the countryside in Laos now have roads, electricity and tap water so things are improving. We are a developing country and life can be hard, but most people grew up that way so they are used to it. And I will tell you this, many Lao people are poor but we all get along, not only with our neighbours but with everyone within our village area. Lao people enjoy having fun by dancing, laughing and joking with each other, we share meals or a beer like we are all one big family and foreign visitors are treated with warm hospitality and friendliness and that is the kind of atmosphere in Laos that no money can buy.

Khop Jai
"Thank You"


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